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We are equipped and experienced to install private home and retail store graphics and photo walls. We will install a single graphic or a chain of retail stores and will travel nationally to service your particular need.


Business offices, medical offices, restaurants and the hospitality industry may require special hours and days (or nights) of the week to be scheduled so that your client or patient load is not disturbed or inconvenienced. We work around your schedule for minimal interference to your business. We have paste machines of multiple sizes to aid in the speed at which installations can be completed. We can install commercial wallcovering products for use on plaster and drywall as well as special materials for use on concrete block and poured concrete or paneling. Check out our Products Used page for partnering suppliers of products that may suit your specific needs.


  • We are able to install most wallcoverings: prepasted, unpasted, untrimmed, vinyl coated, solid vinyl, grass cloth, paintable wallpaper, fabric, photo walls, murals, graphics and torn papers.
  • We furnish the wallpaper primer and the adhesive for the project.
  • The installation includes priming the walls with a wallpaper primer, installing the wallcovering, covering the switch and plug plate covers and in most cases the cold air returns and heat duct registers.
  • We provide our own worktables and set up our equipment on drop clothes to protect your floor.


Repair of wallcovering can be done, in some cases, rather than replace an entire project. Before a costly replacement is planned, try to have the damaged area repaired. The repair could be simply a patch of a small area, the replacement of just one piece of wallpaper or perhaps just replacing one wall. 


To provide an accurate quote for wallcovering removal, a physical inspection of the areas being removed is necessary. Answers to a series of questions will help with the pricing of the project:

1.)  How long has the wallpaper been on the wall?

2.)  Was the wallpaper professionally installed?

3.)  Were the walls primed with a wallpaper primer (not a paint primer) before installation?

4.)  Is there more than one (1) layer of wallpaper?

5.)  Will the walls be wallpapered again or painted after the removal?

We use water and a non-toxic enzyme to aid in the removal. Drop clothes are used to protect the surrounding areas and the floors.  Depending on the answers to these questions and the physical inspection, t
he price quote may be given as an hourly rate or as a total job price.

Occasionally, some damage to walls can occur during removal of improperly installed wallpaper.  For any wall damage done as a result of the wallpaper removal or any pre-existing damage or mold found beneath the wallpaper, an hourly rate would be quoted to address the repair.  (If the damaged areas will be painted instead of being wallpapered again, the painting contractor will usually want to do his/her own wall preparation.)

No matter what type of wallcovering project you may have, give us a call!                                               

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